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#18. The Story of ‘Like’.

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If you are here thinking this is about the facebook “LIKE” option, then you are in a wrong place. No, this post is not about the facebook “LIKE” option. It’s just about the word ‘LIKE’. Or rather the spoken word ‘LIKE’.

During my initial days of settling here in US, I was speaking to one of my American friend who happens to stay in this city. Now it rarely happens that two guys are speaking and they don’t talk about girls. So, inevitably our conversation too started to meander around the topic of girls.

I never really had much of history with girls. I am the kind of guy whom girls just pass by ignoring effortlessly. Like I wasnt ever there. Pretty much like a tree in a drama or theatre. So I didn’t have much to share my insights with him. But what he shared was quite interesting.

He was the first firang I met here who said he liked the desi girl more than the American chick!! He was even in a relationship with one for a long time and is still in touch with her!! He had more Indian female friends than American!! When I asked him the reason for this bias. While his reasons were general, one particular point stood out for me.

He mentioned that he liked Indian girls more because they don’t say LIKE about 10 times in every sentence.

Now that was an unusual reason for sure. But then I realised I hadn’t been very long here and still I too did certainly notice the penchant of girls here to it almost every other word in the sentence. But was the reason good enough to like or dislike somebody? Certainly not. But in conjunction with other reasons, this forms another reason to do that.

It wasn’t my conscience effort to notice this habit of speaking ‘LIKE’ like every other word in the sentence, but I couldnt help it. People forced me notice it. It’s certainly very frustrating when a person uses ‘Like’ more times in a sentence than he uses a vowel or a consonant. Figure this sentence for an example, which was a girl’s response when she was asked to express her opinion about the various student issues.

Like its very difficult for students like coming to college like cooking themselves like you know like working and studying like I dont know like parents force their kids like to do certain things and like all the expectations and like…………………..

Holy Crap!! What english is that?? Trust me I am making that sentence look better. There probably even more likes used in that sentence than I mentioned. I couldn’t help but wonder at this ability to use something so insignificant in a sentence so many times without any purpose.

I must admit here though that initially I felt it was cool to use like so often in your sentence. Probably because everyone else did it. Probably because the ‘cool’ people I met in my initial days here used it. Or maybe some other reason. But I did feel at one point that it was a cool thing to do. I even tried it once and failed terribly and was angry at myself for that. But all this was way earlier and had come to disliking it slowly and then that conversation with my friend happened.

The more I spoke to people the more I realised that this was ingrained in the American culture. It’s now a part of the spoken language here. Girls certainly have a tendency to use it more often. I am yet to find one girl here who doesnt have this habit. But guys aren’t too far behind. Many guys too can be seen doing this. And no, this is not just the jargon of the youth. This lingo is equally popular amongst people of all ages, from the 5-year child to the old grandma. It has equal followers in every socio-religious-economic section of the society.

Everybody does it. From your friends to your parents. From your professors to your colleagues to your seniors and juniors. From your employees to your boss to your clients. From that poor old person on the road to the rich guy in the Ferrari. From the accountant to the actors to the politicians. Everybody does it.

Even the songs of people’s favourite, Taylor Swift, are not untouched by this fever and she demonstrated her proficiency of using ‘Like’ in her song, ‘We are never ever getting back together’.

This habit is like a virus. It just spreads everywhere. Mouth to mouth. It’s in the air.

And its no more an American thing now. You could probably see most international students catching up with this LIKE syndrome, using sentence like, they like this country like not so much but they do like it and like would like to settle here like for the comfort and money!!!

Whether this is a good habit or a bad, I don’t know. I am yet new to this place and culture. But I do know that it’s frustrating and sometimes funny to hear so much ‘Like’ in a sentence and also I do know that I am not the only one feeling that.

Do share your story of “like” in the comments.


2 comments on “#18. The Story of ‘Like’.

  1. Akhil Baheti
    July 11, 2015

    just read your story of “Like”, its really funny to hear so many Likes, but the important is to keep ourself away from such habits… you also used so many LIKE in the article, I too got frustrated :p

    • Ankit Karwa
      July 12, 2015

      Thats exactly why I used the word LIKE so many times in the article…. To demonstrate how frustrating it could be!!!

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