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#21. Does “The Winter of 2015” Go Down as The Worst of All-Time?

What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out!

Winter2014-15.jpgThe numbers are infamous and serve as a moniker that are evoked during squabbles in taverns all over Western New York. The numbers are the years of terrible storms or just a particularly harsh winter of record, but make no doubt, they serve as badges of pride to any Western New Yorker that has endured that numbered year.

This past winter has been one of the worst in my time, that being the post ’77 years. I was born in 1979 and spared the worst storm in Buffalo history, to hear my mother speak of it, still evokes the legend of it as if it were yesterday. I have been through a few of some of Buffalo’s larger storms.

Jimmy always liked a beer - Photo via www.buffalostories.com Jimmy always liked a beer – Photo via http://www.buffalostories.com

  • The October surprise in 2006, which crippled the whole region with an ice storm that brought down power lines all over WNY.
  • ’85 when…

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