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#24. The New Donation Box


“Rahul, son, take these 10 rupees and put it in the donation box”.

“Why mom? You know I won’t, it’s a waste donating here. I won’t put it in the box”.

“Shut up. Don’t argue. Just do as I say. There’s something called faith too.”

And Rahul does as said, unhappily though. But that’s not the case every time. He would sometimes secretly put the money in his pockets instead of the box. He wouldn’t relent every time to donate it to the temples.

Rahul, a smart and intelligent young boy, had modern and logical beliefs and firmly believed in them. He respected and loved his culture, but he didn’t blindly believe everything. He would try to reason every belief, every value and slowly framed his own values and virtues and inculcated them in his life and personality.

He stayed miles away from things like blind faith and other by-products of the traditional religious beliefs.

He wasn’t an atheist. But he wasn’t even a theist in the traditional sense of things or even agnostic for that matter.

Every time he went to the temple with his mom, his mom would force him to donate some amount in the temple. Though it was a very small amount, he resisted every time. When his mom demanded his explanation for denying to donate, he would offer a very simple and interesting explanation which I think is worth spending some time to think about.

Rahul said he don’t know where this money that all the people donate, goes. He isn’t helping anyone by donating this money in the temple. Most temple authorities use it to expand the temple’s facilities or other unproductive purposes. This doesn’t help the society or any individual in any significant way. Though some authorities employ a portion of the funds for productive purposes and set up educational institutes or old age homes and other facilities, not many are known to using it in such productive manner. The point is, you don’t know, where the money you just donated goes or how it is used. You just put your money in the donation box and forget about it. It might go for some good cause or it might not. You never know for sure.

Besides, Rahul believed he didn’t need to bribe his God to grant his wishes.Neither can he thank his God by offering him such materialistic things. He believed, you pray to God and hope that he might fulfill your wishes if it was in the best interest for him. He had faith in the supreme power and knew He would always do whatever was the best for him irrespective of whether he wishes for it or not. You just cannot expect to buy your wishes or happiness by bribing the God for 10 rupees or 100 rupees. Forget God and faith, you cannot bribe even the police or traffic officers for 10 or 100 rupees these days, then how can you even think you can do that with the God. Some people donate a fortune to the temples or other religious institutions. But do they really think that offering a million bucks in the religious institution would really change their conditions or fortunes? Certainly worth a thought.

“So what do you suggest we should do?” asked mom to Rahul.

“If you want to help somebody, do it yourself” asserted Rahul. ” Or if you entrust this task to somebody else, make them accountable. Take a feedback. Find out how the resources you pledged to help somebody are used. And find out how effective are the measures. If that sounds like too much of a task, do it yourself. Help them directly rather bringing in third parties whom you do not trust.”

“Most people in this world aren’t looking for monetary help to solve their problems. They are looking for love and affection and trust. They are longing for friendship and care. All they wish for are opportunities and chances, to work hard prove themselves, to rectify their mistakes. All you need to do is give them that” stated Rahul.

“Also if you want to help somebody, try to give them a permanent solution, not a temporary one. Like if you give somebody a few bucks or say a few hundred bucks, it would solve his problem temporarily. He might get something to eat once or for a day or maybe few days. But, what after that? The problem is back. “

“Don’t we go out in the market and bargain for a few bucks?  We even bargain with our domestic or industrial employees trying to save a few bucks, which might be insignificant for us but is significant enough for them. And then we say we try to help others by donating that same money in temples or other institutions. Isn’t that what we call hypocrite?”

“Why not stop bargaining, at least from the needy? Lets stop putting those few bucks in somebody else’s donation box and pay our employees what they deserve for their efforts or maybe little more and then enjoy the smile on their face. In addition, they would work happily and efficiently then and help you get a peace of mind from everyday fights of increasing their wages. Or rather accumulate the same amount that you were gonna put in somebody else’s donation box or to solve somebody’s temporary problem and use the amount to give somebody a job. Or take up the responsibility to finance some kid’s education who can’t afford it. This would probably give somebody a permanent solution to their problem while doing a host of other good to them. Its solutions like these that matters. Let these solutions be your new Donation Box.”

In today’s world, it’s not just about helping, it’s about helping efficiently.


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