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#30. Some dreams do come true.


Did it ever happen to you that you went back home on vacation all excited about spending time with friends and family doing some cool things during the vacation only to find yourself sitting at home waiting for others to get free from the clutches of their busy schedule if at all that is possible for them that is? I am guessing most of us did that. Just like Apu is doing now after returning back home for the summer break. Apu is studying music in London and had returned home for summer vacation. He was pretty excited about meeting his friends and family and share with them all his stories about his first year in London. He was equally excited to see what others were up to in the past year, what and how things have changed. He had already planned about quite a few trips that he wanted to make with different people here.

Alas! Didn’t somebody tell him that daydreaming isn’t so healthy? After spending few days munching on the home made food and relishing the pleasure of spending time home, Apu soon found himself struggling to keep boredom at bay since he didn’t have much to do the whole day. Friends and family that he was so excited to see, didn’t turn out to be so excited to see him. They were busy they would say. College, homework, work, household chores, guests and things like these would consume their time in pretty much the same way as a giant predator gallops his prey was their primary excuse. “Really?” Apu thought to himself, “I do all that by myself back there in London and still find time to talk to you guys despite the time difference and you guys can’t find time despite you do only a few of those things.” Apu was always a believer in priorities. “It’s all about priorities” he would say, ” You will always find time for things you feel are important.”

Well, not everybody’s prioties were messed up. Apu had been planning a few trips with a hope that some of it works out. But sometimes it never works out the way you have planned it. Probably because better things are in store. One lazy afternoon Apu was talking to Anu when Anu informed him about one of her trips she was planning to go to with her colleagues and invited him to it since he had mentioned it to her that his plans weren’t working out and also that he was planning to make a visit for a day to her city to complete some unfinished business. Apu though excited to hear that didn’t really jump at the opportunity instantly. He knew there were hurdles on this path and wasn’t sure if he could clear them. Firstly, he didn’t knew any of her colleagues who was going on the trip. So he wasn’t sure if he would be fine with that especially for an overnight trip. Secondly, Anu and her colleagues lived in a city called Deccan, about five hours drive from Apu. Now though he had a few other friends in the city, nobody was really close to him that he could call him up and ask to stay at his place for a few days. So it turned out that logistics were difficult to manage.

On one hand Apu was excited that something was finally materializing and the possibility to go touring and exploring new places seemed exciting as always to him. Them there was an added incentive that he gets to go on a trip with Anu and spend some time with her. Apu and Anu had been good friends  for quite a few years now and so Apu thought it would be good to catch up.

On the other hand, Apu wasn’t quite sure if he was excited about meeting Anu’s colleagues and making new friends or if he was intimidated about going with them on an overnight trip. And then there were those logistics issues making it difficult for him to be a part of the trip. Never the one to give up, Anu threw in some ideas for Apu to make the logistics work. But none of it seemed to work. Eventually dejected with the disappointment of things not working for him once again, Apu almost gave up when suddenly Apu called up and announced “It’s all done. Start packing and book your tickets.”

“But……” Apu managed to say only so much when Anu resumed her announcement “My friend who stays next door isn’t home for a few days. I spoke to him and he’s fine with you staying in there. And I know you will be fine with my colleagues. Stop thinking and start acting.” Apu was wasn’t sure if he wanted to make Anu go through all this trouble for a trip. It took some convincing from Anu to make Apu relent and go ahead with the plan.

Apu was always amazed at how Anu would everytime come out as a savior for him. She would always have some solution to his problems. He was fascinated by her and her abilities and her energy. She was a source of confidence and inspiration for him whenever he needed it.He confided deeply in her and was pretty much sure she was one those friend for him who knew him better than he knew himself.

Well, finally Apu boarded the bus and took off for the exciting journey. He reached Deccan early morning and Anu was already waiting for him at that wee hour of the day. Apu was glad to see her after such a long time and the feeling felt mutual with Anu too. Soon they started their journey for the trip. He met Manu, Amu, Raju, Tanu and Anshu waiting for him the car. They headed out for their destination, a beach resort, once they were done with the introductions.

Apu was elated with how things were turning out. He felt he was mixing up well with everyone which was good for him. Apu, being an introvert, would sometimes have difficulty mixing up with a group or warming up to them. He had been working on it for few years now and this time it felt more like a smooth ride to him. He really liked everyone in the group and  was enjoying every minute of it.

Their destination was about 5 hours drive. During the journey they talked, joked, sang, slept and every other thing they could. They stopped to enjoy some waterfalls and other scenic nature on the way. The trip was already turning out everything Apu had imagined. He was mesmerized with everything. He had been always been wanting to do all this but rarely got many opportunities to actually do it.

The destination arrived soon enough. Exhausted by the journey in that extremely hot weather, they headed out to the beach after taking a small rest and lunch. The sea water being a little dirty, they restricted themselves from delving too much into it. They all instead went on a long walk on the beach talking and exploring each other a little more. Apu got a chance to know more about each one of them. He discovered facets about Anu that he never knew earlier. Some were surprising and other more obvious.

On their way back to the resort, they discovered a glow worm in the woods near the beach. It was a first for Apu and others too. The day ended with another walk to the beach, more talks and fun and dinner. It was one of Apu’s dream to be on a beach early in the morning taking a leisurely walk with his friends. And sensing an opportunity to make it a reality, he talked everybody into waking up early for some fun on beach before heading out to the next destination.

Replete with excitement, Apu woke up early to find everyone else sleeping. Almost as if god sent in an angel, Apu found Anu walking out of her room. He learnt from her that some of others were up talking till late last night. Anu asked if he still wanted to go the beach and Apu said yes without any second thought. He wouldn’t miss it for anything given a chance. Soon Manu woke up and told Apu he would be joining them on the beach.

Apu and Anu walked up to the beach. It was a beautiful morning. The air still had some cold in it which was a welcome relief in the hot summer. The calmness of the morning, the birds chirping, the fresh cool air, sun rising on the horizon hidden behind the dark clouds. It was all exquisite.

The beach felt unbelievably exotic at that time of the morning. It was peaceful and magnificent. The sand was moist and cool. A long stretch of beach laid out between hills on two opposite sides, woods on the third and infinite stretch of water on the fourth. Absolutely beautiful and stunning. Apu and Anu decided to walk in the direction of the hill closest to them. They found hundreds of starfish washed out to the beach by the high tides during the night. The beach resembled the sky replete with stars. They both marveled at the beauty of the morning. They tried a shot at photography. Trying to click some with the amazing background and others more artistic with starfish in them. Apu loved photography and he felt like an artist with Anu his muse.

They continued their walk on the beach careful not to step on the starfish. The heavens started pouring soon enough as if to fill the only void left to make the morning more beautiful. They walked for what seemed like an eternity. Sharing their personal life and intimate emotions with each other. In that moment time seemed to have stopped for Apu and he became infinite. Apu was literally living his dream. Probably an even better version of it. The beautiful morning, exotic beach, rains, starfish, photography, long walk, intimate emotions and Anu. Everything that he loved. Too good to be true in reality felt Apu. He felt grateful for being able to witness it, live it.

Anu asked to return at some point but Apu insisted on continuing. Anu happily obliged. The hill seemed to be approaching since forever but it never arrived. Finally, Apu relented and they started the walk back to the opposite side. Manu arrived soon. They walked and talked for a few more miles on the beach and then into the woods before they reached the resort. The dream was almost about to end. “Time didn’t stop after all”, Apu thought. But it gave him a memory worth remembering lifelong. Some dreams do come true after all.

Apu returned from the trip a lot of beautiful memories and new friends from the trip but the morning would stand out for him for the entirety of his life. Apu realized he couldn’t be grateful enough for everything Anu has done for him, not just for this trip but since they first met each other. She would always know what he wanted and went out of her way to help him everytime. He didn’t know how to express his gratitude and then realized some words are best left unspoken.


4 comments on “#30. Some dreams do come true.

  1. Vedant Godhamgaonkar
    February 15, 2016

    Excellent way of putting the beautiful memories into these amazing words
    Nice one bro. By the way it was worth enough to know more of Apu through this story. I think you might have got what I wanna say… 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    February 24, 2016

    Was there some connection betweem Apu and Anu as more than just Friends?

    • Ankit Karwa
      February 24, 2016

      I wish there was. I would have been able to write a love story then :p
      On a serious note, no there wasn’t.

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