A Student's Diary

Dare To Dream And Have The Courage To Follow It!!


Formally, I am a Mechanical engineer. But I am a life long student (just like everybody else or at least like most others). And this blog, in a nutshell, is my learning diary.

This is a place for my lessons, a means to share my inspiration, a place for my regrets, an opportunity for me to lament about things, a way to release my anger.

This blog gives me a voice to raise my concerns about things, it helps me ask questions that perplex me or sometimes interest me. This blog is my reflection about people, things and experiences I had the opportunity to witness.

This blog is my way into the fantasy world. It’s my way to get into the dreams. Its my path to happiness in times of despair. At other times its also reality. Its all about facts. Even if its sad.

This blog is my journey of learning and growth. Witness it. Be a part of it.

A guide to navigate around the blog:

Firstly, I write this blog as a hobby. This blog isn’t focussed on any particular topic. And not all of the content on this blog is original or my work. Some of it is mine while some I have reblogged from other blogs or posted here from another source (I try to mention the original source/link of the blog at the end of the post).

Use the following links or sections (on the home page) to view respective content.

My Voice: my original work.

My Lens: my photography.

SOP service: details about SOP writing service.

There are other links which relate to the categories of blogs. Select the appropriate category to see the posts related to that category. For example to read about my experiences in the USA, see Life in US.

Any feedback or suggestions on any of the articles is welcome. You may leave a comment or contact me personally via email.


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